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The reasons for the appearance of white spots on the face and how to prevent them



White spots on the face are a very common skin problem, and they often chase people with brown and dark skin, and appear in the age groups of children and adolescents more than others, and it may be a great concern for them, because of its embarrassing and disturbing appearance, which gives others the impression that it is contagious, and thus causes them to suffer Great social embarrassment.

And white spots appear on the face irregularly all over the skin, and may spread to cover parts of the body, and in this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor to know the causes and correct treatment methods.


Causes of white spots on the face

There are many reasons for the appearance of white spots on the face, but there are several basic diseases that may stand behind them.


  1. Vitiligo

A skin disease that is not contagious and it is considered an autoimmune disease as the cells of the immune system begin to attack the body itself, targeting the pigment melanin cells in the skin, which give the skin its distinctive color.

Vitiligo patches have a very bright white color, but have slightly darker edges.

Vitiligo is treated using ultraviolet rays sometimes, and other times exposure to the sun is the treatment with the use of special creams that help irritate the skin.

Vitiligo may also be treated by removing all pigment cells from the skin, and standardizing its color, if it exceeds 50% of the body color.



  1. Infections

If you began to suffer from white spots on the face after you recover from an illness, the cause may be an infection that you went through without realizing it.

In this case, the white spots on the face continue until appropriate treatment from the doctor, and they disappear quickly.


  1. Colorful Tenia

A fungal disease that affects the skin

It begins with spots lighter or darker than the normal color of the skin, and quickly spreads from the head to the neck, hands and the whole body.

The treatment consists in using special ointments and medical shampoos, and following up the case with the doctor until recovery.


  1. White bran

One of the types of eczema, it begins with pink patches covered with scales that spread to the skin, then turn slightly lighter than the color of the skin.

White bran spots become more visible in sunlight and can be easily diagnosed by a dermatologist.

The cause of white bran spots is malnutrition and lack of vitamin A, or the presence of intestinal worms in the abdomen, and by obtaining the necessary medicines, a complete recovery can be obtained.


  1. Malnutrition

It may seem strange to have white spots on the skin due to poor nutrition, but it is a very common problem.

White spots on the face may appear in many cases of malnutrition, and when there is a lack of vitamins A and C in the body, this necessitates obtaining a healthy, balanced food rich in complete elements.

You should also consult a doctor for creams designed to treat those spots, which quickly renew skin cells.


Prevention of white spots on the face

As we have already said, there are many causes of white spots on the face, and they vary from simple causes that are easy to treat, to serious diseases that cannot be treated, which makes the means of prevention governed by the type of disease that causes them.

And it is advised to resort to a doctor as soon as any strange spot appears on the skin, and to obtain appropriate treatment as soon as possible and without negligence.


You can also protect your skin and your health with several general and very important tips, namely:

Eat a healthy, balanced diet that contains all vitamins and nutrients

Avoid exposure to the sun for a long time, to avoid damage to the colored cells in the skin

Drink enough water to prevent the skin from drying out, and to replenish its cells

Use sunscreen to prevent dangerous ultraviolet rays, which cause several diseases, including skin cancer

Consult a doctor as soon as any strange symptoms appear, even if they are painless or seem trivial

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