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Stress is the most risky ally to the Coronavirus


With the becoming worldwide pandemic of the new Corona infection, individuals are befuddled, and alarm, uneasiness, frenzy, and dread have spread among a large number of them, particularly youngsters and the older. This is because of the spread of numerous frightening and misdirecting bits of gossip that different media and web-based social networking have added to, notwithstanding the clashing news about arriving at an antibody or a medication that is viable by the endeavors of researchers and analysts, and the consequences of constant logical examination in the created world, which began from the main sight of the episode Sk. Albeit all the legislatures of the world, each as indicated by its abilities and capacities, have avoided potential risk to blockade and wipe out that threat, the mental state, and its aggravations because of our experience of this emergency, and what we hear and watch consistently, remain the focal point of consideration of those accountable for wellbeing when all is said in done, and pros In psychological well-being specifically.


Disarray and questions


Among the most significant mental responses to fiascos, (for example, scourges, including «Covid-19»): alarm because of managing the obscure, and afterward watch the illness. With the spread of the pestilence and frenzy for a huge scope, the force of aggregate dread strengthens, which builds the disarray and doubts of a significant number of the wellbeing of numerous individuals. The disappointment increments with the spread of falsehood, mistaken breaks down, upsetting bits of gossip, and paranoid ideas, because of the receptiveness of the world through present day media and social correspondence, without oversight, to the wiped out and plump, just as to the “fear” of germs and disease.


Among the various practices in the midst of emergency negativity over, and to think about the emergency as discipline for other people, and the kindness of others, and deciphered based on religion alone, or just science, apology and sit in God, and regret, or lack of concern and carelessness and criticism, scattering and consternation and outrage, distrust and disappointment. It is perceptible that one of them – during emergencies and scourges – is to drop his own convictions on them, expel some strict writings from their specific situation, and adjust them to suit his assessment, though, and individual culture, outside of the real world and without unprejudiced nature, and the most perilous is the burden of strict decisions on individuals, particularly in the scholarly network Religious, as the offering fever against the religion of the individual’s increments, and the bragging over them is unconscionable with no still, small voice or discouragement from ethics. Some of them may accept that God favors him against others during general emergencies.


Managing the emergency


The right method to manage these occasions is by planning and objectivity in managing the occasion, the need of checking the official source while getting the data, not being oblivious in regards to the bits of gossip behind, and notice against distributing them.


Not to decrease the size of the hazard, and while we don’t misrepresent or deny it of its size, because of this wellbeing disregard, or the event of mental pressure spoke to as serious episodes of dread and frenzy, with episodes of extreme frenzy, because of the arrival of huge amounts of hormones of tension, the most significant The cortisone, which thus prompts the depletion of the insusceptible framework in the human body, gets feeble and upset to assault the infection. Quiet and enthusiastic dependability are a powerful method to control pressure, which straightforwardly influences fiercely the general strength of individuals.


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