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Features and disadvantages of methods of removing facial hair


Oriental women always seek an integrated look, so they focus on the smallest details, including facial hair, which may make a big difference in highlighting their beauty features, especially those with light skin and dark hair

We shed light here on the methods of removing facial hair, their money and what is on them, to answer all the questions and inquiries that make you hesitant to remove your facial hair, and thus help you find the most suitable method for you.


Laser hair removal

It is considered one of the most recent methods of hair removal, and it depends on the heat emitted from light to affect the target tissues. You have two options here. Either you remove your facial hair in the specialized clinic or buy a laser device for home use, which is suitable for areas of the body with a small area such as the face, are you bold enough to do this?

Advantages: It has a longer result compared to other hair removal methods; modern devices cause less pain than their predecessors.

Disadvantages: It does not suit all types of hair and its effectiveness is greater on those with dark and tough hair, requiring many sessions, expensive, and may cause pigmentation and redness and it may lead to swelling and inflammation that disappear after a while, and the treated area should not be exposed to sunlight.


Electrolysis device

This process is done by inserting a very fine metal needle connected to an electrical device to reach and destroy the hair follicle, and it is the preferred option for women with fine and blond hair.

 Advantages: It is effective on all types of hair, and hair is rare after application.

 Disadvantages: painful, expensive, and long sessions, with each hair treated on its own.


Hair removal by wax

The results of using wax differ from one woman to another, while it is considered the best method for some of them, it is a harsh experience for others, and I am one of them! We recommend that you use cold wax on your face because it lasts longer and has lighter effects on the skin than hot wax.

 Advantages: Its result lasts for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, in addition to it destroys the hair follicles, which gives hope that the hair will reduce the density of hair when repeated use, cheap.

Disadvantages: painful, and may cause sensitivity and redness that does not go away easily and quickly, and you should not apply any creams on the face for 24 hours and it is also advised not to be exposed to the sun, and as misapplication may lead to burns and infections on the skin, and using it frequently leads to sagging skin.



Tweezers hair removal machines

It uses micro-tweezers technology to remove hair from its roots, and it is considered the most popular method of removing facial hair as it removes the shortest hairs.

Advantages: Its results last between 2 to 4 weeks, it does not cause an increase in hair density, but rather the frequent use of it reduces the appearance of facial hair in the long term, its cost is minimal.

Disadvantages: The side effects of using it are minor are redness and sensitivity, and in this case apply an ice cube to the site of redness, the machine needs to be cleaned well after each use, and to get a good result it is recommended to wash the face with warm water and good lighting to the place and choose a good quality device.


Hair removal with creams

Quite frankly! We are not a fan of using creams on the face.

Advantages: This is the easiest and fastest way to remove facial hair. It is painless and inexpensive.

Disadvantages: Some creams may cause skin sensitivity, so we recommend that you try them on a small area of ​​your skin, and make sure that they are intended for the face, and it causes an increase in hair growth and hair begins to appear after only a few days. And because they contain chemicals, their stinging smell may bother some people, and be careful not to apply them to any area with a wound or infection.

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