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Environmental pollution and pesticides increase the incidence of Alzheimer’s


US researchers have discovered that there is a relationship between the use of an insecticide known as “DDT” and the increased risk of building up Alzheimer’s disease.

Notwithstanding exposure to ecological contamination and vehicle exhausts, such as lead oxides and carbon dioxide, lead to quick maturing of synapses and Alzheimer’s disease.

In Britain, scientists are attempting to discover a concoction substance that treats Alzheimer’s disease, as scientists have discovered that a synthetic can stop synapse decay.

In any case, researchers stress that building up treatment for humans may take in any event ten years, and may add to the treatment of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and different diseases.

. It is realized that numerous individuals may overlook the names of individuals they met routinely, including some who are really close to them, causing embarrassment to “the person who overlooked the name and the” potential “irritation by the person who overlooked his name.

What makes us overlook the names of some individuals? Is there a scientific clarification for the wonder of successive overlooking of individuals we know well? ”

Alzheimer’s is presently a typical disease, however, it seldom affects youthful adults, with infections spreading between the ages of 65-74 years. This is at the pace of one person out of each 25. For those more than 85 years old enough, the rate becomes, at any rate, one person in every five individuals.

The reason for the loss of memory is because of the presence of fibrous and nervous assemblies and demolishing granules caused by a substance called beta-amyloid al, a substance found in the cerebrum of individuals with the disease, which results in a disruption in the process of transferring neurological instructions and chemicals. Alzheimer’s disease is joined by different symptoms such as an adjustment in personality, strange conduct, and trouble in deciding, as the disease goes through several stages:

Beginning time: It frequently comes without consideration regarding it, so relatives and individuals disregard it and may return it to mature age or maturing, and it is seen in this stage some symptoms such as trouble in expression, stamped loss of memory especially for specific periods, absence of valuation for time, overlooking known places or Familiar with adding to depression or outrage.

Middle stage: It is a sharp loss of memory, observable and not recalling the names of individuals easily, and the patient’s failure to do his activities easily, notwithstanding that the patient is increasingly joined to others, and needs assistance to look after cleanliness, and can also be delirious.

Late stage: In which the patient has difficulties in eating and taking care of, and the failure to distinguish and information on relatives and natural objects.


The powerlessness to move and difficulties in understanding and deciphering events,

notwithstanding the failure to control when the need is disposed of.

Rewarding Alzheimer’s

As for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, so far there is no solution for this disease, yet there are treatments that slow its progression and incidentally limit the harm to synapses. There are numerous drugs that can be used to stop the decay of memory and their effectiveness is more in the beginning periods of the disease. Another manner by which the treatment can be followed is to characterize a daily practice and ordinary style and style for the patient because the standard helps to manage day by day life. As well as urging the patient to keep up his freedom and shield him from any psychological, social and physical injury.

What’s more, to strengthen the memory, it is advised to eat well foods plentiful in protein, amino acids, vitamins and calcium, while keeping up physical fitness.

What’s more, the brain needs numerical exercises like the body via preparing memory by recording some fixed dates in a special journal, such as dates of sleep and eating, etc, because this technique helps to restore data rapidly.

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