Best tips and foods for dinner to avoid gaining weight



The quality of the food we eat determines the increase or decrease in body fat, and the time of serving the meal also plays a big role in the extent of controlling weight loss, so we always need to monitor the quality of the food we eat, and the time of eating it, especially dinner, which is preferable to eat early before Sleeping about 4 hours, as the food needs enough time to be properly digested inside the body, sleeping right after eating would keep food in the body throughout the night without being digested, as research has shown that eating food after midnight leads to an increase the weight.


That is why in this article I give you the best advice and foods for dinner to avoid unexpected weight gain.

Calories for dinner

The calories for dinner should not exceed about 300 calories from the total calories per day, which amounts to 1500 calories.


Eat … and fry … and avoid

In dinner, you must confirm that there is a large percentage of alkalis in the meal, as it is the easiest food in the process of digestion. On the other hand, avoid eating meat, dairy products and starches, as this is the most difficult to digest, especially if you are late in eating dinner, you can eat them as you wish in a meal Breakfast and food, and for this you have to eat dinner at least 4 hours before going to sleep, as mentioned above.

Because wheat is also one of the most difficult foods to digest, you should reduce your intake at dinner, and in exchange you should eat more fiber.


Eat vegetables a lot

Do not hesitate to eat fresh vegetables frequently in dinner meal such as cucumber, lettuce, carrots, spinach, broccoli, turnip, green pepper and others, as these vegetables contain anti-oxidants, which are among the most important factors against aging, heart disease and cancer, as they fight free radicals that harm body cells.

Each serving has a volume

Make for each meal of the three meals a certain size, so breakfast and food will be the heartiest meal, and for dinner to be simple and more alkaline, as it is preferable to contain protein and vegetables. You can improve the flavor of the food by using fresh herbs and spices instead of cooking with fats and oil.


Meals for dinner are recommended :


You should eat it steamed or grilled, preferably those fish rich in fatty acids, and also omega-3s such as salmon and tuna.

Fresh vegetables:

Eat it boiled, toasted or without cooking, such as cucumber, carrots, lettuce and others. You can use a very small amount of oil to cook vegetables in less time and get a crunchy feel.



Try eating delicious bean soup at dinner.


the fruit:

Eat fresh fruit salad as an alternative to other sweeteners that contain more sugar and cream.

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